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Setting VNC server name in G5 panels

On G4 panels there was an option in the VNC server settings to set a name. This name was displayed in the titlebar of the VNC client that connected to the panel. On G5 panels that setting is not present. Someone know if this can be set?

Now the VNC client displays 'AMX Server' in the titlebar, which is very confusing when you use VNC to connect to several TP's all controlling almost identical rooms,there is almost no way to see which room you are controlling.


  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,679
    edited December 2019

    If you record the IP addresses and note their locations, you should be able to pick them from the list.
    Also, consider assigning different VNC ports to keep track... 5901 for panel 1, 5902 for....
    Probably. I haven't seen the display you describe...

  • John, that's a lot of work for something that used to work just fine...

    Don't know what you mean with: " I haven't seen the display you describe..." ??
    In every G4 Touchpanel you could give a name to the VNC server, which would show up in the titlebar of the VNC client. With Every G5 touchpanel I've seen, this option is gone, they all display 'AMX Server'.

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