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MVP5200i Master Connection page

George KrietsepisGeorge Krietsepis Posts: 283
edited December 2019 in AMX Control Products

Dear All,
For some reason, all settings on an older MVP5200i "master connection" page have been lost causing the panel unable to connect to the master. Also, the type option has been set to “ANY” and all the rest options have been disabled ( we cannot change anything ).
I cannot remember if there is an option which enables the settings on that page especially the type to “Wireless” and “Mode” to URL. What does "ANY" mean exactly ?
Can you help me somehow please ?



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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,736

    You may have described it wrong, or you have old firmware that is slightly different and maybe out of date. What version is your firmware? I'm on 2.87.38
    The TYPE should be "Wireless" and grey and unchangeable.
    The MODE is AUTO, URL, or LISTEN, touch the word and it will rotate through.
    LISTEN has the panel attempt to find a master on its own.
    URL lets you specify an IP address of a master.
    AUTO, well, I don't know for sure, never used it.
    I don't see an "ANY" choice in my current 5200 firmware. It sounds like an AUTO, where it is in charge and you can't set specifics.

    There's no downside to updating the firmware. You may have to do it in increments, some newer versions depend on a certain level already in place.

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    I have the same firmware....
    TYPE is "ANY" and grey and unchangeable...
    MODE is also grey out and unchangeable ( touching the word do nothing )
    I fixed it by resetting and reconfigure the panel settings ( Device ID, Wireless Setting, etc.) . Only then, the options became available ( TYPE changed to "Wireless" and the rest was changeable now )


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