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NI-x100 and TLS

Hello people,

Are NI-x100 controllers compatible with TLS functions?
I have found nothing in the various documents which imply that it is not.

I used the TLS functions (tls_client_open, tls_client_close) in a program on a NI-2100 controller (v4.1.419) and I have the following error:
Line 63 2020-01-05 (15:08:27):: CIpLibrary::CallFunction - Error 0xF0CE
Line 64 2020-01-05 (15:08:27):: Library Call error on Line 414

The same program works perfectly on an NX-2200 controller.

The only hint that these functions are not compatible with the NI series are the firmware release notes for the NX series. It clearly indicates the addition of these functions and there is no such addition in the firmware of the NI series.

Anyone know what it is in the end?

Perhaps there is a document that indicates the Netlinx functions that are not implemented in the NI series?


  • The last firmware update for the NI-x100 series was 2015 and there is no mention in the product history notes (PI 2) of the addition of TLS support for that series. TLS support was added to the NX series in 2017 almost 2 years after the final release of firmware for the NI-x100 series. I think you can be safely assume that TLS support was never added to the NI series.

  • TLS and SSH support is only available on the NX processors.

  • w_hariw_hari Posts: 12

    Had the same problem. I now use stunnel as a solution. You connect to it via a port and it forwards your HTTP request ie via TLS.

    client = yes
    accept = MySTunnelIP:STunnelPort
    connect = yourDestination.com:443

    ip_client_open(LocalPort, MySTunnelIP, STunnelPort, IP_TCP)

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