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DXLink and dedicated network connection

Just aq quick sanity check...

So, over the years I've found that I don't like to rely on the network pass-through that is part of the DXLink RXs and TXs. (you know - the way you can pass network through the single CAT6 connection piggy-backed on the video cable.)

My experience has been that this system fails often and with no apparent reason. Sometimes a simple power cycle of both the DVX/DGX and attached DXLink boxes fixes the problem. This - of course - can be a bit of a chore depending upon how the remote boxes are being powered.

In casess where a rig was particularly problematic, I would just ditch the piggy-backed IP networking and plug the other LAN port of the DXLink box into the network and all problems would go away and the DXLink box would never fall offline.

In fact I've gotten into the habit of just designing the systems that wayh from teh get-go. running a 2nd CAT5 is cheap and the reliability is priceless. All all my systems I've done this I have had zero issues.

Recently, I was dealing with a dead out of the box DXLink box. while on tech support, we were going through all the usual hoop jumping to suss out the problem. The tech support person (who shall remain nameless) was dumbfounded as to why I would do this. He was not aware of any technical issues supporting my claim. I told him of the history I had with them over the years and the over 100 times I had to deal with it. He pretty much called me crazy.

So - does anyone else have similar issues over the years? And, if so, has anyone dealt with it the way I do?


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    JasonSJasonS Posts: 229
    I have dealt with the same issue in the past. It has been worse on DVX, but definitely still an issue on DGX.

    On a DVX system the Rx unit for the main projector kept dropping offline and customer would lose rs232 control of projector. I dont remember if we pulled a 2nd CAT cable or if we pulled an rs232 cable to the projector.

    Last DGX project I worked on the RX's were not reliable, they would always pass video but they would go offline too much for comfort. RMA'd 12 - 15 of them out of 40 or so total.
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