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Certification renewal

Greetings all,

I'm a little unclear when it comes to renewing the HCCP certification. Mine doesn't expire until 2021, but I figured if there's something proactive I should be doing about it now, I'd really like to maintain it this time around. A long time ago, I was ACE certified, and the company I worked for didn't seem to care if I let it expire. Unfortunately, my current company also doesn't seem to care if I let this one expire, but I'd like to keep it active if at all possible.

I tried poking around on Harman's training portal for an answer but didn't see anything jump out at me about how to renew a credential. I'm curious what other's experience has been with HCCP renewals. Will I end up having to take the certification track all over again?

Thank you,


  • You will get an email at the address on record for your account with a notification that you have been enrolled in a renewal course. Last year's requirements was consuming a series of videos (and successfully answering some post video quiz questions). No guarantees that the 2021 renewal requirement will be the same but I would suggest regularly checking the What's New page on the Training site and watch any videos of interest.

  • KielLKielL Posts: 25

    Thank you, Ian! I'll be sure to check it regularly.

  • @KielL said:

    Will I end up having to take the certification track all over again?

    No - our philosophy is to ask for the large effort at initial certification, and then demonstrate you've kept up with the changes over time with small renewal efforts along the way.

  • @HARMAN_Chris

    Haven't had AMX certification for quite a long time. Used to be on the VIP list in the UK. How do I go about getting back on the VIP list??

  • @Duncan Ellis - Graeme and Antony there in the UK lead the EMEA VIP group. Reconnect with them to discuss further.

  • will do, thank you

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