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Cisco Webex modules

I'm looking to the future and have some jobs where we're moving from C series codecs to Webex model Ciscos. Checking the Duet modules for Cisco still returns the same old modules for SX series from 2017. I'm fairly certain there have been some module breaking API updates in the CE firmwares. Is there any work being done on updated modules for the Webex series? Has anyone successfully integrated a Webex model with the current SX duet module?


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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177

    It's interesting to me how the whole 'VTC Codec' technology is evolving. I'm finding that the very large majority of my clients are moving away from the hardware-based solutions in favor of the Soft VTC solutions like Zoom or Skype For Business/MS Teams. Webex still shows up too but not nearly as much.

    For us AV programmers this shift is a bit problematic in that these solutions are not really built around the idea of third-party control. (heck - even the hardware codecs are getting to the point where the On-Screen GUI is better than anything we can design on the panel)

    Not to mention that with Soft VTCs it's very common for the user to bring in their own devices and run the show from there.

    In the past 3 years I've gotten away from offering any touch panel control of the VTC apart from perhaps PTZ camera control. There are Cisco Codecs out there that have no OSD and must be controlled by something else. But, IMHO the whole notion of controlling the VTC from the control system feels pretty old-school nowadays. Most folks are used to the VTC being on their presentation device already.

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