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Internet access problem

Hi folks!

I'm not a networking specialist and I don't understand why an old NXT-CA7 (G4 TP) doesn't access to internet to display dynamic images.

I want to use an old TP to display traffic cam images. I see images in TPDesign4 but they are black at TP display.

I suppose there is something to configure in router (open some port, etc...).

I'm pretty sure is very simple




  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,679

    The Network settings in the panel include a gateway address and DNS addresses. The gateway is the address of your router or modem that links out to the internet. The DNS addresses can most commonly be set to that same address. This may or may not happen automatically if the panel is set to automatic addressing, "DHCP". If not, your panel can't reach the internet. Set to STATIC and adjust. Read about GATEWAY, DNS, and DHCP on GOOGLE.

  • Hi,

    these setup is ok. It's not in the TP config but in my router I'm pretty sure...

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,679
    edited January 2020

    Your router will hold no grudge against a touch panel if your computer on the same router can reach the images on the internet. Note that GIF images and some motion formats and streams are not viewable in panels, although your PC may appear to visualize them properly even in the AMX tools. Older panels don't support as many file and stream types as later models either. Identifying the actual stream type in your message would help us spot the issue.

  • these are JPEG and it's working in other panels

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