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How can you get N-ABLE to work on a Microsoft Surface Pro X?

My organization utilizes a video wall controlled by AMX equipment. We use N-Able to manage all of the equipment. We recently purchased Microsoft Surface ProX with Windows 10 PRO OS. When we load N-Able and attempt to open the program we receive an error message that the application cant run on our system??? Does anyone know why it won't work on a surface and how we can get it to work?


  • The Surface Pro X is based on an ARM processor, not (as is usual for a Windows PC) an x86 (intel, AMD) cpu.
    It runs Windows applications in emulation mode, and only 32 bits apps, 64 bits won't run at all.
    Microsoft even mentions on the product page for the device that "compatability with existing apps may vary" or something close to that.

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