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Opinions on audio test software

Just curious on opinions on live/venue audio test software/hardware. Any recommendations? I'm very familiar with the White solution but what are y'all using?


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    ernestmusseriiiernestmusseriii Posts: 16
    edited August 2020

    Are you asking about analyzers and FFT systems? These days most digital consoles have a live RTA built in. It can be handy in an unfamiliar venue, and/or when you're mixing from house. The RTA in Qsys is pretty neat too but i've got a software rig for installs, so i've never really done much other than poke at it a little.

    I've used Smaart a good bit too, its intuitive but I prefer the AFMG family of products. I have a bit of a personal grudge against Smaart from doing a lot of outdoor festival style shows. Smaart has a short learning curve and its accessibly priced so a lot of Chuck-in-a-truck sound guys have it and feel compelled to use it all the time. I've done shows where the system is outside... with no buildings around... on grass... and its been tuned by the headliners engineer, but the engineer for every single support act insists on blasting pink noise at the crowd before their band can start. Its a personal thing, but on most shows, I don't typically set the rig up unless something seems off and I can't tell what it is.

    AFMG Easera for gathering room acoustical data, AFMG Systune for tuning, an Earthworks M30(For installs),Beyer Dynamic TG-1000/TG MM1W(For big installs), Behringer ECM8000(For shows), Presonus Studio192 Mobile usb interface, Extech 407732.

    Also a QBox and a roll of Gaff.

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