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IR emitters lenght issue with NX2200.

We don’t have much experience with AV systems so I need you to go through the products and let us know what is required from our side (wiring and connections) in order to prepare the devise for the configuration.
Our control system includes below equipment:

  1. AMX Podium System. 20.3" Modero X Series G5 Panoramic Tabletop Touch Panel
  2. NX2200 NetLinx NX Qty 1
  3. FG210023 qty 1

We need to control couple of devices incudes 8 Screens (Samsung T32E390SX) .we will have in total 8 IR:

The NX2200 does not come with IR emitters and FG210023 came with 4 IR emitters but only 1.5 meters length.

The lengths between the controller and the screens are between (10 meters to 15 meters).

I would like to clarify if there is any solution to extend the length? And if we could use one emitter to control more the one screen.


  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,702

    We regularly send IR on cat5 100 feet or more and have never had an issue with it. The AMX IR output has no problem with double emitters at the lengths you suggest, better to use additional emitters closely mounted rather than to try to blast multiple devices with one from a distance, if that was what you were suggesting.

    Nearly any commercially available IR emitter will work with the AMX outputs.

    You can also build IRL files for multiple DIFFERENT devices on the same port... device 1 might use IR positions 1 to 100, device 2 from 101 and up. Put two emitters on the port, both will blink with any command, but only one will respond depending on the command.

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