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Netlinx For Mac?

Will netlinx release a Mac version?
Macbooks also need a virtual machine to run AMX software, except for SVSI.
Of course, I just think about it, it is unlikely.


  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177

    I'm not a wizard or anything. But, my wager would be 'no'

    It's been discussed more many years. The bottom line is the software was developed over the years by a very smart and cool guy at AMX and it is solidly and stubbornly a Windows-based thing.

    All this said, I know a ton of people (myself included on occasion) who run it seamlessly on a Mac using Parallels or VMWare or whatnot. Honestly, running Windows on a Mac is pretty simple and generally works quite well.

    I stilll use a PC/Windows for most my AV work as I am typically in those kinds of environments. But, I go both ways.

  • I sometimes use Netlinx on Windows 10 through VirtualBox running on MacOS High Sierra. I find that I can't do a File->Open Workspace (nothing happens), but double clicking the workspace file from Explorer does open it into a new Netlinx window. Also, compiling doesn't always work, where it does on a native Windows install.
    It's annoying having to resort to Windows to do these things, but hey ho...these are the breaks.

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