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TPD5 - Unable to open the Windows Clipboard.

sentry07sentry07 Posts: 77
edited April 2020 in AMX Design Tools

I'm working on a touchpanel file and I just tried to copy and paste an object and every time I hit CTRL-C (or right click and copy) I get an error popup:

| TPDesign 5                            |
| Unable to open the Windows Clipboard. |
| Copy, cut or paste task failed.       |
|               [ OK ]                  |

I'm using the latest version of TPD5 on the website 1.5.111 on Windows 10, latest verison. Any ideas?

This is a panel I converted from a TPD4 MXT-1000 to a TPD5 MT-1002. And it's not all objects, just some of them.


  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177

    You might want to check and make sure the application is set to run as admin. I have seen some issues with this on installs. It fails to set the app up as running as admin and mayhem ensues. You'll have to find the .exe file for TPD5 in your Winderz folder and rigth-click and check in the properties settings.

  • sentry07sentry07 Posts: 77

    Yep, first thing I did. Also changed the compatibility mode to Windows 7 and 8 to see if that helped and no change.

  • sentry07sentry07 Posts: 77
    edited April 2020

    So after a lot of testing, I've figured out that any button object with a bitmap set on it is causing the error. If I try to copy anything that's just a text object or a regular AMX button with no bitmap, everything is fine.

    I've reinstalled TPD5 and the G5 support files, running both setup files as administrator. This is extremely frustrating.

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