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Advice for used equipment to take the P2 Exam

Hi everyone!

I'll take the AMX Programmer 2 online soon. I'm planning on buying old used proc + touch panel for my tests and wondered something.

Does the MVP-8400 8.4" Modero ViewPoint FG5965-05 and the ni2100 could do the job for that?

From the specs I've seen, yes as ni2100 have a duet compatible firmware and the touchpanel looks to be G4, but it's very hard to find information on really old models in the AMX website so asking here. :-)

Thanks a lot and take care!


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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177

    hmmm... there's probably a lot to unpack here.
    First off - I'd highly recommend you look at getting an NX series processor to do your testing. an NX-1200 will be more than enough. Also - don't forget that the MCP-108 (which is a keypad) has in it an NX series processor that is perfectly fine for running and testing code. In fact you can use the buttons on the keypad to trigger events in code to test as well. The cost of the keypad is relatively low.

    Having said that - you can use an NI series processor with the latest firmware to do most things you need to as well. eBay is your best be there.

    Now,, I woould not recommend getting the 8400 wireless touch panel. To two main issues are that the batteries are no longer (easily) available and even when you do find them, they aren't that good anyway. In fact, I'd not recommend using a wireless touch panel at all since the batteries and wifi connection are just not worth the effort. I'd recommend trying to get one of the first generation G5 panels (MSD/MST) since you will be needing to know some of that new fucntionality going forward. The G4s still work and I use them all the time. If you just need to stay down pricewise and look at G4s I'd recommend the latest generation G4s like the NXTs or MXTs.

    The truth is however, you can do much testing without actually having a touch panel. Just use "Emulate Device" I do this for most all my testing. I only fire up the touch panel when I'm truly doing UI design and need to see how the layout looks on the screen.

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    FYI - I when I mark the P2 practical submissions I have been known to run the code on an NI-900...

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    jrouzierjrouzier Posts: 3

    Hi to both of you.

    That's a good hint Ian :-D

    @ericmedley gonna be honest with you, I want to lower the price to the maximum as the equipment will be used "just" for the exam, don't wanna spend more than needed for a one-shot.

    I got a NI 2400 and 8400 bundle for 20 bucks, and bought a CA7 to avoid batteries issues and just have a simple cat5.

    First lesson on saturday, waiting for the package to arrive!

    Thanks both of you, and take care!

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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734

    Sounds like you are taking the exam for kicks. Programming for NetLinx is not much use as a "one-shot" affair. Maybe try Art History?

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    jrouzierjrouzier Posts: 3

    Art History is one subject that looks very interesting, unfortunately I'm afraid that I'm not willing to spend enough time to go after it. :)

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    HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Posts: 598

    There are student stations that can be reserved to remote into. The suggested hardware would be NX-series master and a current generation panel. We did include test code to fake a custom_event if your devices do not have that feature.

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