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Multi-Panel, Multi-Processor/Switch System

So my question is what's the best approach to handling panels that have to monitor and enact upon objects in another processor?
I have a project that have 20 panels across 7 processors (6 DGXs). I would design the Touchpanel file to be the same across all touch panels. Controling page flips and popups from the processor, not from the panel.

Say you have 2 switches (DGX-#00s) one in Room A and another in Room B..
Touch panel in Room A
Touch panel in Room B
Touch panel in Room C

All touch panels should be able to control any Switcher and monitor input/output signal status.
All touch panels should still work their respective rooms even if the processor/switch in that room is down.

I was thinking all processors to control all the panels thus all processors would have something like this

dvTPA = 10001:1:1
dvTPB = 10002:1:2
dvTPC = 10003:1:1

volatile dev dvTP[] = {dvTPA,dvTPB,dvTPC}

BUTTON_EVENT [dvTP,btnArray]
        // so that we don't have multiple processors doing the same thing        
        if (button.input.device.system == SYSTEM_NUMBER ) 
            //do something

//so that we give feedback to all touch panels when a device changes
CHANNEL_EVENT [somedevice_local_to_this_processor, some_attribute]

LEVEL_EVENT [somedevice_local_to_this_processor, volume]
  send_level dvTP,volume,level.value
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