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Apple TV control over IP

Hi All,
I wonder if someone has already managed to control the Apple TV through IP.
The solution of the TPControl and calling the apple tv app is not always the suggested way as many of end users don't like to jump to a completely another page which does not have basic functions like volume,etc.
As I know, the competitors are currently using modules to make the Apple TV IP control.
We're still doing that over IR.

P.S.> which is the apple tv uri to be used with TPControl ?



  • sling100sling100 Junior Member Posts: 115

    There are a few people on the forum who have controlled Apple TV over IP (me being one of them). It's quite involved and a recent update by Apple has secured all of the keyboard text (previously it was only passwords and the like) which is a pain as the best bit of IP control was the direct keyboard entry. Cover art etc is still available, but whether the work is worth it is debatable.

    No protocol has ever been sanctioned AFAIK, so all of the competitiors modules are simply reverse-engineered in the same way as mine and are just as likely to break when Apple update something.

    Stick a bug on it and be safe in the knowledge it will still work in 2 years time.


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