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IS-Xpress license error

Good Afternoon,

I have recently purchased 5x AMX IS-SPX-1000 units and have downloaded the AMX InspiredSignage XPress v2.2.7 application however i am stuck in a loop with the licence.

When i attempt to start a trial or purchase a licence i receive the following error messages:

Clicking get 30 day trial gives me:

HTTP Error : Command: Get on 'https://www.amx.com/net/ispx?key=VH9B8-KU2BN-1GFQ9-M0XHW-MY1ZZ&mac=30%3a65%3aec%3aa6%3aa0%3a43%2ca0%3ad3%3a7a%3a11%3a8e%3a0b%2ca0%3ad3%3a7a%3a11%3a8e%3a0c%2ca2%3ad3%3a7a%3a11%3a8e%3a0b' -> 0: SSL negotiation failed: Secure connection truncated

and when i attempt to go to the web address for license - http://www.amx.com/net/ispx.

I receive error:
ERROR 404:
The page you requested doesn't exist

Does anyone know how to resolve this as I can’t get any media to work on the units without going through the Xpress software.
Many Thanks,


  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Harman Integrated Technologies Group (ITG) Posts: 468

    This product has been discontinued for a while and there is a chance the licensing server has been decommissioned once an allotted time had passed since the End of Life notification. My suggestion would be to call into tech support to understand what your options are. The OEM behind that player is still very much around and there may be other software options available to you, but only support could say with any certainty.

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