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Roku Module NI controller

Does anyone have code or a self-rolled module they have used for roku devices? I recently rolled out a premiere, and tried to use the AMX coded module, however, it wouldn't load. In discussion with support, they are saying that they suspect the module simply won't work with the NI controllers, and requires an NX series. Hoping to find a simple code to roll so I don't have to shift to IR...


  • HARMAN_icraigieHARMAN_icraigie Technical Trainer II, Harman Professional University Posts: 610

    The example Workspace from the module package runs fine here in an NI v4.8.331 master so no NX required.
    FYI - you will see warnings when you build the system when a Duet Module is not compatible with an NI master.

  • Ian. Thank you for the info. I reached out to the tech support individual with this information to see what he has to say. To confirm, is the DVX ultimately the same platform as the NI? my VDV is declared as 41001, however, it won't come up in the tree. to give more input, to keep mainline a little cleaner while I tested this module, I created an include file which has all my module definition and device definition. I have done this with two other modules with no issue. so in mainline i call the include, and in the include, I define the module and devices, set the IP address, etc. The only module I defined was the main Comm module

    // Define your communications module here like so:
    DEFINE_MODULE 'Roku_Comm_dr1_0_0' comm(vdvRoku, dvRoku)

    I didn't do any of the component modules since I'm not using the UI issued with the module.

  • HARMAN_icraigieHARMAN_icraigie Technical Trainer II, Harman Professional University Posts: 610

    Yes the v4.8.33 f/w shown is that latest (or near latest) published firmware for the NI processors and should be the version you are running. There may be compatibility issues if you try to run the module on v3 NI firmware

    What happens if you just load the module example Workspace as I did - the IP address will need to be set but other than that build and transfer.

    If all else fails in the Programmer 2 Class online videos available on the training site the IP section walks through implementing Roku control in an include file and the Module section transitions that include file to a module.

  • Ian. I was able to obtain a different codeset from an individual, and successfully got it working. Thank you.

  • Hello...i have an issue with controller. Can someone from Roku confirm if these are supposed to work? Is there a software issue that's causing my problem, or am I doing something wrong? If there's a software issue, can I expect that it will be fixed in the near future? I need to know whether to return these or not before the window expires, and I'll keep them if I can get confirmation that an upcoming bug fix will resolve the issue.

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