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hi Forum

Usually a lurker, decided to join up.
Company I'm contracting to has recently installed a LG UT640S0ZA in a place of worship.

Very simple control required, Screen on/ Screen off, HDMI1 select/ HDMI2 select.

Screen along with other things such as projector/ projector screen control being controlled via BSS Soundweb using logic/ Ethernet triggers.

Baud rate and parity etc have been set on the ethernet to Serial adaptor being used between Soundweb and LG screen - this is a known working one - pulled from elsewhere in the installation to prove it works.

So my issues are

1) the two documents that LG publish, 1 being the manual and the other being RS232C Control both show conflicting wiring pin outs for the 9 pin Serial D Sub connector- I have contacted LG about this and they tell me go with pins 1,2,3 as per screen manual.
can anyone confirm which is the correct and known to be working pin out.

2) having looked at the RS232 table which is quite confusing, and with some help from a foundtain of knowledge, im trying to send it hex data and its not responding. Ive gone into the hidden menu and set the LG screen ID to 9 and added that into the hex data string and nothing.

Is there something im missing somewhere? Screen distributor is on skeleton staff so communication with them is sparse at the moment so thought id ask the wealth of knowledge on here.

Many thanks in advance



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