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Tandberg/Cisco Camera Control Device Driver

Is there a way to edit or add commands for a device drivers to use in RPM? I am controlling a Tandberg VC camera with a touch panel. The device driver for the camera only has basic camera controls. I have the additional rs232 commands and am looking at how to add these to the existing camera device driver or to create a new driver for the camera. I have been using RPM to program the controller and touch panel.


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    HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Posts: 598

    Yes and no -
    No because we did not add passthru. We spent a lot of time contemplating ways to make that possible and it was never implemented.

    Yes if you want to put a second master into the solution to serve up your custom code. I call this approach RPM+ but have used it in the past for cases where 99% of the needed functionality is served by RPM, but there is this 1 thing that we need. I then add a custom button and make it fire off something innocuous and then I watch for the button press and then fire off my true custom code. Crummy, but it works.

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