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Cisco Webex Room Kit Pro Duet Module

Hi All, was wondering if AMX have written a duet module for Cisco's webex series codecs for RS232 control?
when looking on InConcert, the SX Modules are fairly outdated.


  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Posts: 598

    A request came in this week for the RoomKit. We have added it to the development que, but I do not have a firm time estimate for you at this time.

  • sharmansharman Posts: 1

    Any updates on this request? I would like to use an NX-1200 to interface with a Cisco Touch 10.

  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Posts: 598

    @sharman - we highly suggest you check the developer website for driver news. The roomkit module was released in 2020

    and if you really just want to use the Cisco Navigator/Touch10, then check out the Cisco gateway module
    https://developer.amx.com/#!/searchresult?Manufacturer=Cisco&Model=Cisco Touch

  • Is there a way to use the Cisco Navigator/Touch10 module with an rs232 connection? The example provided shows only an IP connection, and the documentation does not explain if the parameters for the CTG.REGISTER command can pass in rs232 configuration information.

  • Module documentation clearly states support for both rs232 and IP.

    This is a reference manual to describe the interface provided between an AMX NetLinx system and CISCO Room Kit Pro CE9.x firmware video conferencing systems These systems support both Ethernet protocol and RS-232. The interface was tested using version “CE9.7.3” and “CE9.9.2”.

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