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Skyvue TV’s anyone with RS232 experience?

viningvining X MemberPosts: 4,368

I have the serial string but there’s no info but the baud rate and I can’t test before getting onsite and I’d like to have the code done before that. So are the listed commands sent as asciii of hex, the look hex but I’m think they really ascii. Do they require a CR and or LF? If they don’t will it work if you do. Is there any feedback, ack, echo or anything? Are there any query strings or is this pretty just one way control over serial?


  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,628

    Google of SKYVIEW TV RS232 gives lots of links to the same table, at the bottom of this pdf; 38400 baud listed at the top of the table.
    Sure appears to be hex. Clearly the table has been edited along the way and some have commas, some don't, some have extras spaces. Careless, but certainly leans me toward it being hex. Appearance of Hex and no mention of CR/LF...

    Other links go to discussion claiming that the units are SHARP inside and use the same protocols. So there's that.

    38400 baud. What's the hurry that demands that speed for 5 characters per transaction?

  • viningvining X Member Posts: 4,368

    Yeah no mention of cr lf, no mention of queries or any response and all. I saw something from RTI that looked like they were sending ascii with no commas and while it definitely looks like hex and that was my first assumption when I saw the RTI file I started to think maybe it wasn’t.

    Skyvue says they’re the OEM and when I asked about IR codes they said Zenith codes should work so I have no idea what the base TV is that they used. This is 75”, 4k, 3,000 NIT, OBX (optically bonded screen), a $16k TV so I would expect a good TV as its base but I don’t know of any TVs that use such a basic, amateurish serial protocol. It has no ethernet port either so if you want streaming apps it comes with a Roku stick with a large heat sink bonded to it which I thought was a good idea.

  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,628
    edited July 2020

    Global Cache's CONTROL TOWER IRDatabase does have ir codes for Skyvue TV's... just one set.
    And the PDF I linked above shows the control codes to enter to multiple common remotes to control them, so it would be relatively easy to cross index their codes to find what brands they match. If that matters or helps in any way.

    Looks like if you want to make code before you get on site, you'd best make it both ways, and use the one that works. If one works. At least all the docs agree on the baud at the screaming 38400.

  • viningvining X Member Posts: 4,368

    Yeah I was just hoping someone had first had knowledge of this thing! The control commands are no big deal to do both ways, they’d take a second to change between them, what I was really hoping for was what kind of a feed back I could expect.

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