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LG TV discrete tuner commands

Dear All,
I'm trying to control an older model of LG TV ( 55" ) and the only available way is through IR ( no free RS232 ports in my
controller )
The customer has tuned some DTV channels as well some ATV ( for cameras ) and Radio ones.
What I need is to send discrete commands for any band ( DTV/ATV/Radio) but I cannot find any of them.
I'm sending the discrete ANTENNA command, which is working as expected when the TV is on another input like HDMI1, AV2, etc. - it gets the TV out of the external input - but switches it on the last selected tuner source ( DTV/ATV/Radio).
In case the TV has already been switched on a tuner source, the ANTENNA command switches the TV to DTV->ATV->Radio->DTV->ATV->Radio->DTV->ATV->Radio and so on....

I do know that there are discrete RS232 commands for all of the tuner sources. Has anyone of you found the corresponding discrete infrared ones for LG TV's?



  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,702

    Have a look at Global Cache's CONTROL TOWER IR DATABASE. Free. https://irdb.globalcache.com/
    It has what you seek. Almost always does. There may be several code sets for the category - you have to try and see which works on your device.

  • this site is where I first looked on.... it does not have what I seek...

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,702
    edited July 2020

    Add an RS232 port at the rack or at the TV. AMX product for serial-via-ethernet:

    Or use an old AMX AXB-232++ (ebay at $30, uses AXLINK, 2 data wire and 2 power which can be local to the unit) or a DIGI-ONE SP or LANTRONIC or other IP-to-serial converter ($50 and up, uses Ethernet).

  • Can you use the IR port as 1-way serial?

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