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Control devices from another master using M2M architecture in RMS

I have the question about control and monitoring the master from another master using M2M architecture from RMS. Is it possible to make? Are the master must connected to master using ICSLAN? Now first master connected to another via EXB-COM2 using RS232. Anyone have the experience with such configuration? Through Putty i see that second master controller see the devices connected to first master but descriptor engine in RMS don't discover that devices. In RMS i only see second controller and that's all( to first controller are connected RX's, TX's and other smaller AMX devices). In RMS adapter configuration on second master I am trying to provide the DPS of first master (using another system) but it is not bring the expected results.

If you interested why I must to create such weird configuration - the security department of our customer doesn't want to add first master to their network because TX, RX and EXB devices don't support (i didn't find informations in documentation that devices support) 802.1x protocol. That's why i try create M2M architecture with master which don't has connection to smaller AMX devices but can control them via first master.

Thank you.


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    You can add each device connected on the remote master through a custom monitor module. The modules provided in the monitors-netlinx directory of the installed RMS SDK would be one place to start. The RmsVirtualDevice and RmsGenericNetlinx device monitors may also be useful here.

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    mavdieiemavdieie Posts: 11

    Thank you for advice Ian. I will try to use those monitors.

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