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I typically work with Extron Equipment, and I'm well versed in Extron. I know almost nothing about AMX's offerings.

We're going to be replacing an AMX control system at a customer's site. I'd like to go out there before hand to download their current programming so I can look through it. The problem is that I have no idea where to start with an older AMX device like this. What software do I need? Do I need AMX credentials to get said software? Stuff like that.

Their current processor is an NI-3100. It appears to be old enough that it no longer shows on AMX's website.


  • richardhermanrichardherman not-so-junior member Posts: 319

    If you don't have the source code for the current program, you are probably out of luck. What you can download from an AMX controller almost always does not include the source code, only the compiled version. The programmer can choose to upload the source, but I don't think many do that.

    You could have better luck with the touchpanel design file, if the system contains a touchpanel. The designer could have protected it with a password, in that case you are again out of luck. The tp design file is only the visual design, it contains no code. Same seperation with Extron Global Scripter and GUI Designer.
    For the former you need AMX NetLinx Studio (comparable toExtron Global Scripter IDE):


    For the latter you probably need TPDesign4 (comparable to Extron GUI Designer):


    The online training section from AMX coantains useful information on how to get started. Lots to see there, but maybe start with something like:


  • I am trying move to an Android tablet from an mst1001. I would think that simply moving a file from one to the other is not near what needs to happen?
  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Harman Integrated Technologies Group (ITG) Posts: 445

    1) you need a TP Control (Android) license
    2) you need to configure the app properties to reflect the device number and controller address for the system
    3) you need to transfer the touchpanel file via TP Control utilities

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