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HarmanPro BSS Gateway Module virtual ports

Hello All,

I was working on implementing this module and it works so far but I noticed that it's opening virtual ports up to 0:33:0 on the master. I did go back and check my working file before adding in this module and the virtual ports stop at 0:4:0, which is expected. I looked around in the code to see if there was something that popped out at me but I couldn't find anything. Any suggestions on what might be causing this?



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    The ports are configured dynamically - define_device has no relevance as to how many ports are instanced on that module.

    Some where in the code a DSP component is being registered at port 33

    BSS_PROC_1_Mute[1].sObjectID            = '0.1.0';
    BSS_PROC_1_Mute[1].sObjectType          = 'AGT';
    BSS_PROC_1_Mute[1].sParameterID         = '0x1';
    BSS_PROC_1_Mute[1].nFBControlPort       = 33;
    BSS_PROC_1_Mute[1].nFBControlChannel    = MUTE_FB;
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    Thanks Ian! I'll look around in the module code again for where that would be referenced.

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    I've looked around and couldn't find anything. Could it possibly be coded somewhere in the module's .jar file? I haven't registered any DSP components in my code yet, so I feel like it might be in somewhere else.

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    Nothing obvious in the duet module code that instances 33 virtual device ports as a default - mind you I just did a cursory search for 33. Just loaded the PassThru example system here from the currently published module package (v1.0.13) and seeing only a single port for both virtual devices as expected.

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    I loaded the same file just to make sure it wasn't anything in my code. I see the two virtual devices like you posted but what I also see is under the NX-3200 Master. If you expand that one, I had 33 ports open.

    If I can figure out how to post a picture, I will.

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    My bad, glossed over the 0 device number - and yup, I see the 32 ports here on the master device here too.
    I'll dig around again in the module and see what's up with that.

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    Fix will be in the next release (1.0.14 or later).

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    Thanks Ian!

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