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I just bought an NI-2000; Trouble connecting

I am attempting to connect to an NI-2000 via the programming port, and NetLix Studio cannot connect. To be clear I am not prompted for a login, it just times out as though nothing is there. I have just downloaded wireshark based on information from another thread to see if I can locate the controller via IP, but why would I not be able to see it using the serial cable on the programming port? Also, I have been using my serial USB adapter to connect to a different master today so I know there is no adapter/cable/ software issue in my setup.


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    Dipswitches on the back of the controller correct?

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    yep, I forgot to include that info.

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    If the programming port has security enabled it never shows up - I've seen that on a number of field units. It's not something I would ever consider doing - by all means protect your src but don't lock the controller out.

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    I was afraid of something like that. Since i'm the proud owner of a brick do you think it would look nice on the mantelpiece?
    Thank you for the info though.

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    Are you unable to connect over IP via telnet or SSH? Wireshark should show you the broadcast if you need to find an IP address.

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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734

    One might expect that if security is turned on and passwords aren't known, an IP connection will be futile.

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    KeithCKeithC Posts: 4
    edited September 2020

    I'm IN!!!! I still do not have password info so I cant change things like the system number, but at least I can send files to it, and control my devices.
    It was the first time that i had used Wireshark and I was putting in the wrong IP address. Here is a breakdown of what I did just in case somebody else is searching the same issue and needs some specific guidance.
    I connected my computer directly via Ethernet cable to the master. Then I ran Wireshark. I found it useful to uncheck all of the other network adapters and only check ethernet to unclutter the result. I organized the results by sorting the protocol column looking for the UDP protocol. In the info column I looked for 1319 and then scan over to the source column and there it is! it was a source vs destination column that i had gotten wrong. Once I got that part figured out, I was able to find the correct IP. I changed my computer to a static IP address that matched the same octet that the master was currently on. Telnet allowed me to change the IP to the Octet that my network was on. After I did that I reconnected everything back to the network, changed my computer adapter settings back to DHCP, and was able to connect to the master via Netlix Studio.
    Thank you to everyone who help direct my though process.

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