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trobertstroberts MemberPosts: 228

Anybody have access to AXCESS v3.07 or some version of NS that will work with an Axcent 3?


  • HARMAN_RobHARMAN_Rob Product Management Posts: 191

    Sent you a direct message.

  • I also have a AMX Excent 3 (normal). Is there still software available do program the ports?
    I also have a:
    DVX 3150 ( as master ( Netlinx ) and
    AMX LT Precis AutoPatch (PRLT 2RU) (Do I need XNNet?)
    AMX Axcent3 (Ap control? need key when i open the program?))
    2x EXB-COM2
    AMX Tp4
    3x AMX MVP 8400,

    Do I need more software?

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