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Anybody have access to AXCESS v3.07 or some version of NS that will work with an Axcent 3?


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    I also have a AMX Excent 3 (normal). Is there still software available do program the ports?
    I also have a:
    DVX 3150 ( as master ( Netlinx ) and
    AMX LT Precis AutoPatch (PRLT 2RU) (Do I need XNNet?)
    AMX Axcent3 (Ap control? need key when i open the program?))
    2x EXB-COM2
    AMX Tp4
    3x AMX MVP 8400,

    Do I need more software?

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    feddxfeddx Posts: 175

    You can set the Axcent3 as a "ports only" box by changing the master number and connecting it to the AXLink of a NetLinx Master

    Connect to the Axcent3 serially (I believe the default the BAUD is 38400,N,8,1):

    Once connected, send the command:


    Where X is anything but 1.

    2 will work.

    Programming is cleared when you do this, so make sure you have downloaded whats in there first. Every port on the Axcent3 will go up by what number you set, so you will have to change all the device numbers.

    IE, when set to 1, the Axcent is the master and the first RS232 port is device 1. When set to 2, the Axcent is the slave and the first RS232 port is now device 2.

    There used to be a Tech Note (158) on this, but since Tech Notes have been deprecated, I have no idea how to find it.

    I hope this helps.

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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734

    The Axcent3's are built like tanks and are wonderful IO expansion, even for the new NX processors, all on the AXLINK communications, which only requires 2 wires if you have a local power supply, or 4 wires if you are sending power with the data.

    All the ports respond exactly the same as the Netlinx to configuration and other commands. Note that this older hardware does not support the very high baud rates that some newer devices seem to insist on. If you can set the controlled device to a lower baud rate, you can still use the Axcent3.

    Also, IR files sent to the ports on the Axcent3 cannot be extracted, as is possible on the NetLinx. You can of course overwrite them.

    I suggest you "SET BASE DEVICE NUMBER 11" (yes, it wants the word "NUMBER" in the command!), as port 1 becoming port 11 makes a bit more rational sense and a bit less confusing than port 1 being port 2. You can use several of them, just pic different base numbers. Example: Base 31 would make the first port 31, etc. You'll see the ports appear independently in the device tree in NetLinx Studio.

    You can use the terminal tool in Studio to talk to the Axcent3 via the serial programming port. Studio will auto configure baud, but to see your commands and responses, you need to type "echo on" and enter after connection. Once you see the prompt, type HELP to see all the commands, including detail about SET BASE DEVICE NUMBER.

    A last note, early firmware on NX processors did not reliably detect the presence of AXLINK devices at bootup. Update!

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    KielLKielL Posts: 29

    This thread is great! I'll have to see if I hung onto any of my Axcent3 controllers. They've moved houses a few times, hoping they didn't get tossed.

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    ThudThud Posts: 1

    Hi, I realise this is an old thread but I could really use a copy of the software mentioned by the OP. I'd like to reuse some Axcent 3 controllers I have. Any suggestions?


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    You can install NetLinx Studio 3 additionally to Studio 4:
    I would recommend to install Studio 3 first, and then (re)install Studio 4, to have the NetLinx related software parts up to date.

    Works fine here for me to support also AXcess issues. I use Studio 4 for regular NetLinx work, and Studio 3 just if it is a question regarding AXcess.

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