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NX controllers

Hello! I'm new to AV and would like to learn.

Can someone explain the use of NX controllers? Why is it needed? For example can't you substitute it with a big processor to which everything connects(PC,Cameras,sound, screens)? Why is it important(?) to have NX controller?

Thank you!


  • In short, the controller is the brain of the system. The touchpanel simply connects to the controller and sends user button press information. The controller is where the system program resides and runs. NX Controllers come in a variety of sizes and form factors. If you need more ports, you go bigger or add EXB boxes. If you describe your setup, we may be able to elaborate more.

  • Hello, Chris!

    There are 6 cameras, audio system, conference system, videowall and a projector. There is a processor for the videowall and a modular matrix router Lightware 65x65. Does NX controller help controlling these using just the touchpad, or is it even needed?

  • The controller is needed - it holds the program running the system. The touch panel is needed to provide a visual user interface. You could telnet or ssh into the controller and issue line level commands to trigger action on the system, but that would not really be considered useful in a deployed control system environment. Generally speaking, your devices are either IP controlled or hard wired to the NX controller serial or IR ports.

    You have described a complex system with a decent number of advanced devices. A controller and touch panel would all be considered "needed" for a solution like that.

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