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A problem with the NX3200

I cannot access the device through the network or any port, knowing that the power is connected and the colors attached to the picture appear.
Is there anyone who can solve this problem? Thank you


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    First, flip dip switch 1 on the back of the unit and cycle power. If you can connect after this, it points to a lock-up problem with the code. If the same thing happens, regardless of dip switch 1 position, you should call support. there may be an SD card issue preventing a successful boot sequence.

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    Sorry, I did not understand what you mean by switch 1. Can you explain more and better with pictures? Thank you

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    HARMAN_m_hodelHARMAN_m_hodel Posts: 12
    edited December 2020

    If you set config switch 1 to on and cycle power on the NX3200, the loaded netlinx program will not run. This can be useful in connecting to the unit if the connection problem is caused by the running code

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