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Intermittent faults unless NetLinx Studio is monitoring or debugging

Web-based commands sent to an NI-2100 taking web requests with params (the web based stuff works fine, Its what happens next). We are Interpreting and controlling an RS232 Nuvo Concerto Matrix Switch/Amp (about 8-year-old gear). The Nuvo is repurposed from a faultless installation.
From the notification monitor and the front panel of the NI i can see the Nuvo is being sent the control string and the response sent back. all as expected.

I can see the RS232 TX/RX from the NI/Novo, however, it's wildly random on successfully executing the comand, however, It works faultless when NetLinx studio is open and either the Notifications or debug connected. If I am debugging or have Notifications enabled it works perfect. If i have NS studio open with no connection to debug is fails on random strings to RS232.

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