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panel upgrade

I am trying move to an Android tablet from an mst1001. I would think that simply moving a file from one to the other is not near what needs to happen? If there is a document or page devoted to the process please add the link.

Thanks Greatly.


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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,735

    There is an outstanding solution for this, an AMX approved software product called TPControl, or Touch Panel Control, available in the Google Play Store (and for iOS in the Apple Store). You cannot do it yourself.

    Also, try not to post identical questions to several places on forums.

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    Thanks. I could not find how to start an original post until after I posted the other. I generally stay away from that practice. Thanks again.

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    Thanks for the help. Its been years since I did amx product. ( before Panja lol). Once I find how to get the old file to my laptop....

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    We've recently posted a new step-by-step how-to doc for TPC apps. Hopefully it's helpful to get you started:


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