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someone please tell me I am not crazy

Hi all could someone look over this little bit of IR code i have issues where the port 8 lights up when the buttons are pressed but doesnt control the vcr in question .. and suggestions (buy the way this is just a code to try to get rid the issue..



IR = 8
TP = 128


play = 1
Stop = 2
Pause = 3
rew = 4
ffd = 5
rec = 7




Push[tp,1] pulse [IR,play]
push[tp,2] pulse [IR,stop]
push[tp,3] pulse [IR,pause]
push[tp,4] pulse [IR, REW]
push[tp,5] pulse[IR,ffd]


  • HedbergHedberg Posts: 671
    I just tried the code and it seems to work ok (adjusting the port number to match my master). If the IR file loaded into the IR device does not have anything matching the selected channel, however, nothing goes out.

    Have you loaded an appropriate IR file into the device?

  • HedbergHedberg Posts: 671
    Forgot something.

    I'm assuming you are on an Axcent master. For Netlinx, you might have to change your device declaration to something like:

    dvIR = 5001:8:0

    or whatever as appropriate. In my case, I have an NI700 and

    IR = 3

    doesn't work but:

    IR - 5001:3:0

  • Thankyou Hedburg I have some progress

    As I play moreI find the code works .. but only on odd numbered ports

    I can download to 8 (doent work) 9,11,13 do work 10 12 14 16 cant download to
    ever seen anything like that? any thoughts on a solve?
  • champchamp Posts: 261
    Very strange

    I've had dead IR ports before but never like that.

    Try using the actuate function in IREdit.
    Try dumping the same IR file which you have tested that works for the odd IR ports in the even IR ports. Also use an emitter which you have tested that works.

    You are only crazy if the people in your head say you are
  • HedbergHedberg Posts: 671
    You are only crazy if the people in your head say you are

    Oh, man, I'm in trouble.

  • Have for whatever reason have the IR ports carrier been turned off?
  • champchamp Posts: 261
    Good thinking Thomas.

    Also make sure it is set to ir mode.
    I got caught out by that once when using a second hand axcent.

    send these commands to each ir port

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