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NX3200 failed, trying NI3101 - Loaded code to NI and the Touch panel only displays grey screen.

So we are testing to see if we can replace a dead NX3200 with an old NI3101. I loaded the code but the touch panel comes back to a grey screen. I forced a startup popup page in TP Design and it pops up and then goes back to grey in 1 second.

I replaced the touch panel with a newer MXT1001 and the same result happens.

Does the NI require different programming? Any ideas on what I can try? Thanks!


  • NetLinx programming is mostly compatible but NX firmware supports an expanded feature set that will not be supported on the NI series. Any touchpanel implementation code should be the same outside of ListView support.

    I suggest contacting Tech Support - they should be able to help identify the problem and determine if it is an easy fix.

  • It sounds like there is a code driven page change. You should see this if you turn on device notifications for the touch panel device number in Netlinx Studio. Functionally, there is no real reason your swap should not work. Was any configuration needed to set a room number or something to make the code reusable within a larger system?

  • Thank you for your feedback. I will check the device notifications. The code is the original source code for the system, and was unchanged. I loaded around 5 different rooms of code and one room did come up and the touch panel seemed to display the correct pages although for obvious reasons the room didn't function.

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