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TP5 - streaming video issue

Hi guys

I have an issue with streaming video via a G5 touchpanel (MD-1002). I want to show a camera picture, it works fine with a bitmap. But if I select video fill -> streaming video and put the exact same URL it does not show anything. With a G4 touchpanel (MST-1001) it works fine..

Has someone any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


  • Can you give us some more details on the video format? MJPEG, h.264, and if so what profile, etc.? What's the URL you're entering?

  • aleksaleks Posts: 10

    Hi Rob

    URL: http://user:[email protected]/mjpg/video.mjpg
    URL: http://user:[email protected]/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi

    I tried different Cameras/URLs, on G4 they work with both verions, on G5 only with bitmap.

  • What's the res & and frame rate?

    If you're confident on the address and their arguments, then a quick call to Tech Support may help. They may be able to help you troubleshoot the URL, add arguments to it, or confirm the technical differences you're seeing btwn G4 & G5.

  • aleksaleks Posts: 10

    Hi Rob
    I tried it with rtsp, and now it works. I think i will use it this way.

  • aleksaleks Posts: 10

    Resolution 800x450 and 640x360, framerate 25

  • @aleks said:
    Hi Rob
    I tried it with rtsp, and now it works. I think i will use it this way.

    Good to hear. I did see a few different URL options based on different model cameras, so happy that you found the one that works.

  • aleksaleks Posts: 10

    Hi Rob

    Maybe I still need to call the tech support, yesterday I tried a rtsp url with an axis camera, it works fine, today I tried it with a vivotek camera, http and rtsp, both not working (unfortunately we need it for a vivotek cam..)

    url Axis: rtsp://user:[email protected]/axis-media/media.amp
    url vivotek: rtsp://user:[email protected]/live1s1.sdp

    I really don't get it, how the G5 panel can't show the camera picture, if I try it with VLC it works..

  • What model of Vivotek? I did a search but am seeing too many different protocols based on their different models. And same question for the Axis cam... what res & frame rate?

  • aleksaleks Posts: 10


    res and frame rate 640x360, 20fps

  • Make sure the port number isn't needed in the RTSP URL. See attached page 26. if you've accounted for all these arguments & variables, then as you said you may need to call in and see if Tech Support can help.

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