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Panja issues

Hello All, I am new to the forums and never worked with any type of AMX setup in the past. We were hired to rewire a rack and clean up the space. this client has a Panja Cardframe and after the rewire the unit no longer powers on. I have a few questions in regards to it's programming with a Lutron QW P5 series 8 processor. If I have the AMX back up files (on a floppy that previous installer left behind) could I or someone load this file and figure out the Lutron zones and ID numbers for the loads? I am fine with the Panja no longer working. My issue is that I can not pull a clean file from the HW processor. I have tried rs232, ethernet, the extraction utility, multiple PC's and they all yield a corrupt file. My last hope would be to be able to have some sort of way to pull ID's from this floppy backup. If this can be done that would be amazing. My next question would be is the Landmark software something that I can contact AMX and they can provide me with? Like I said we are not an AMX dealer but I can provide details to them that would prove we are in the AV and automation business.
Thanks in advance


  • HARMAN_icraigieHARMAN_icraigie Technical Trainer II, Harman Professional University Posts: 593

    The answer is a firm maybe.
    Unlikely that all the information will be resolvable from the AMX/Panja file.
    At best it may be limited to just the keypads and buttons enabled for 3rd Party control.

    Model number for the AMX/Panja card frame?

    With regards to the Lutron system itself, it is of the age where the board battery is prone to failure. They are available from Amazon (Tadiran TL-5135 1.7Ah, 3.6V, 1/6D, PCB Pins, 32.9mm) and not the worst to replace with the proper desoldering and soldering techniques. Taking the board out takes longer than replacing the battery.

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