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How enable 802.1x on DGX1600?

How to properly configure 802.1x on DGX1600? We install required certificates, turn on the 802.1x from console on DGX1600 but when we try to establish connection to the switch - the connection is rejected. Our system engineer from security team told me that the problem are with EAP\EAPoL communication between DGX 16 and switch. We tried to configure the NX1200 in the same way and all work correctly.


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    My only suggestion is to review the two training videos that cover the feature and configuration on NX controllers. Unsure if there is a step that was missed. Seeing as you have completed this on a NX1200, it would suggest you know the process and my guess is that the video steps cover traditional controllers like the 1200. Support may be helpful if you have not already called them.

    https://harman.remote-learner.net/mod/page/view.php?id=412 - search 802

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    We have Webex with the AMX engineer, he reviewed configuration with our system engineers but we still have no answers why the connection is rejected. Thats why I am asking about this situation on the forum - maybe someone had the same/simillar problem and know the solution, maybe we have the bug in the software on the DGX, but we upgrade DGX to the latest version.

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    mavdieiemavdieie Posts: 11

    Ok. Just for information. According to the tests recreated by AMX engineers - there was the bug in software. We are waiting for the update.

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