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NX 1200 and similar Master firmware links

I was just looking today to see if there was a link to the latest firmware for an NX1200 on the support site and cannot see it anywhere. There's a link to the device firmware, and for the NX series DVX units, but nothing for the NX-X200 series masters.

Did something get misplaced?


  • The downloads at AMX are still a bit messy and hard to find, I think. The old site (ancient at the moment) was much better. But anyway, you can also find it here: https://help.harmanpro.com/nx-master

  • GregGGregG Posts: 251

    Awesome, thanks a lot for that. I was losing my mind trying to find a way through to where it was hiding. ;-)

  • Greg - avoid 1.6.80-1.6.85 - I am testing hotfix 1.6.86 at the moment. I requested a change that ended up breaking TLS connections and 1.6.86 rolls back my request and should fix TLS comms.

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,691
    edited February 2021

    Chris, can you clarify the numbering... the firmware on the referenced page is 1.6.179, which appears to be a much higher number than 1.6.86.

  • My apologies, you are correct - every digit matters and I left one out - 1.6.179 is fine. The issue I am speaking of was introduced in 1.6.180 and carried through hotfix 1.6.185.

    We tested build 1.6.186 today and the TLS issue I am referring to was resolved, but they are looking at another build before posting to resolve another issue they observed with device web pages.

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,691
    edited March 2021

    After an NX1200 in use was unreliable in discovering new AXLINK devices after boot, I checked the firmware and found it ancient. I did the two-step upgrade to the current web offered firmware for system and device. It now reliably detects and interacts on AXLINK, but it no longer allows a code transfer. Attempts to load new code now time out with "did not start" in Studio. Monitoring simultaneously in TELNET shows the 1200 complaining about ports not open or existing while the transfer is pending. Studio sees the 1200 tree normally, interacts otherwise normally, but a code transfer seems blocked now.

    Any thoughts on this? Nice to get AXLINK to work, but now it seems I have a brick.

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,691

    OK, today doing all the same things, the unit loaded normally. Scary.

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