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AMX ACB-2110

I am currently setting up the AMX ACB-2110, to be used for room scheduling. However I have come across the following issue, When I try to book a room, it all seems to work fine, however, the room booking doesn't then show on the left-hand side calendar on the device's screen. The screen also doesn't go red when the room has a current booking, and the device still says AVAILBLE and the screen stays green. The meetings are showing in my google calendar, so I can tell they are being logged.
Any ideas why this isn't working?

Thank you


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    HARMAN_RobHARMAN_Rob Posts: 230

    Is the date & time correct on your panel? Go in to the Setup menu and check for the right date, time, & time zone. Have you also tested the connection between the Acendo Book panel and the Google server?

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    Looked like I did seem to have to time zone not right, that helped thank you! however now when I book a meeting, it appears on the calendar but disappears five seconds later, and the occupied screen still isn't seeming to show when I have scheduled a meeting at that time?

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