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SDK for RMS 4.8.0 and connecting SX80 to RMS

Hello forum,
Does anyone have the information when SDK will be updated for using with RMS 4.8.0?
In the previous version of RMS the control methods was detected automatically and was displayed on dashboard when I using the SDK 4.7.0 with RMS 4.8.0 i didn't found control methods at all - can create only macro for Device Controller.

One more question - does anyone connect Cisco codecs to RMS for remote control - simple operations like standby activate/deactivate, reboot? What type of monitor better to use? I used RmsNlVideoConferencerMonitor for communication but RMS doesn't discover codec as a device (codec connected via RS232 using EXB-COM2)? Or I must use RmsGenericNetLinxDeviceMonitor for that purposes?

Thank you.


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    @mavdieie - the product manager tells me the SDK will be updated with 4.8.2

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    You will likely have to do a fair bit of custom NetLinx coding in the RMS Monitor Module to pair properly with you codec. If you are using a Duet module for control then there should be some automation in RmsDuetVideoConferencerMonitor for registering the asset.

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