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Motorized screen control

Hi guys!
With my previous motorized screen I used RS-232 protocol and a cable with 2 wires (1 for TX and 1 for RX). RX wire was connected to pin 1 and TX to pin 3 in serial connector

With my new screen, the cable control provided has 6 wires inside :

Blue : +5V
Yellow : RX
Green : Up
Red : Stop
Black : Down
White : GND

As you can see, there is no TX wire. So, I've connected Yellow (RX) to Pin 1 in serial connector and tried each others one by one to pin 3 (TX) in serial connector but nothing happens.

When I connect together green/red or blue/red or white/green or white/blue, screen goes down and when I split wires, screen goes up.

With these 6 wires, what do you recommand ? RS232, IO ou Relay and how ?

I can use IR but this is not what I prefer.




  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,657

    Your first effort should be to contact the screen manufacturer for support. Clearly the notes you share mean it is NOT RS232.
    I'd try the logical combinations of 5V to each direction: BLUE/BLACK for down, etc.
    Impiled is that this screen would take a momentary connection from the 5+ to each command color to initiate that direction or stop. The RX and GND make no sense in this interpretation. Your experiment results make even less sense - white/blue would be a dead short on the 5V!

    A "held" voltage is a common screen control format... connect 2 wires, the screen unrolls and stops at the limit, disconnect the wires and the screen rolls up to stop closed. That's the behavior you report, but it's not as described by the color chart. TALK TO SUPPORT AT THE SCREEN COMPANY.

    When you know what wires do what, either the io or the relay in a Netlinx will work at this voltage, for a HELD connection or for momentary connections as you need.

  • richardhermanrichardherman not-so-junior member Posts: 325

    It could be that the RX and GND are for receiving either carrierless (wired) IR or RS232 (receive only). But as John said: ask the manufacturer :)

  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,657

    AH, yes it could be an odd presentation of both relay and RS232 control... The screen would not use a TX in RS232, it has nothing to say, only needs to listen. But you say nothing about a protocol, so what would you tell it?
    I bet the manufacturer has a clue. And if you google the manufacturer's name (you haven't shared it here!) and model, you might find the documentation waiting for you.

  • Ad_My_XperienceAd_My_Xperience Junior Member Posts: 51

    Screen is Elunevision reference 4K.

    Manufacturer didn't respond to my email and I found nothing with Google.

    Thanks for your comments!


  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,657

    I googled that screen and instantly got the installation PDF which directly addresses how to control it externally.
    The unit has a jack marked 12v trigger. If you apply 12 volts to this, the screen deploys and stops. Remove the trigger voltage and it retracts.
    The extra connections are for their own accessory wired switches, which you can backward-engineer as I mentioned above.

    But the easiest here is to tell the netlinx to close a relay and hold it when the screen is to be down. Release it when it should go up. Put 12v through the relay to the screen. Can't get a lot simpler.

  • Ad_My_XperienceAd_My_Xperience Junior Member Posts: 51

    Many thanks guys for helping

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