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AXU CA Need Help Recommissioning

I'm not an AMX dealer or technician but I have been tasked with re commissioning an old AV system in a lecture hall belonging to a school I do voluntary work for. Its based around an AXU CA touch panel which is connected to a controller with, I think, 12 relay/control modules. It is meant to control stage lighting, projector screen up/down, VCR, Projector etc. The touch unit has lost its menu config. I've replaced the CR2022 batteries and am ready to re program it.

I can see in the settings menu a list of 12 device numbers and types, some of which have Program Names such as relay / Proj / VCR / DS1 / VOL3 - so it hasn't lost everything.

What I need to do is reprogram the UI in the touch panel - so it has pages/menus/buttons/sliders etc. Is this possible without the TPDesign3 software, which I understand is not released publicly?

I've downloaded the AXU CA manual and it does seem to suggest you can create buttons, link them to actions etc. Its how you link a button to the control unit and then the actual device under control that I'm stuck on.
Thanks for any help :-)


  • alanZ80alanZ80 Posts: 4

    Failing my own efforts - are there likely to be any AMX dealers/programmers in the Uk that could get it working?

  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,640
    edited April 7

    The efficiency of learning or repairing a 30 year old system with 100% obsolete hardware and software incompatible with today's computers is disputable.

    The reference in your user name to the 41 year old Sinclair Z80 computer suggests that you might try anyway...

  • alanZ80alanZ80 Posts: 4
    We'll, as there isn't cash to replace with a modern equivalent - giving it a go seems like a reasonable way forward before scrapping the lot. Where there is a will to offer insightful/helpfull suggestions, perhaps a way may be found to either effect a fix - or scrap it based upon reasonable and well intended advice.
  • alanZ80alanZ80 Posts: 4
    Oh, yes - the Z80 reference is a clue to my access and interest in computer hardware and operating systems that go back to 1979. For this application, I have 1st gen Pentium era computers, MSDOS, W95/98/2000/XP etc plus null modem cables etc. I don't lack period specific expertise, just experience with this very niche specific hardware and software. I also note the odd question about similarly aged AMX hardware on this forum, over the last 10 years or so. I am not alone in my attempts!
  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,640
    edited April 7

    Consider that far more capable and newer but not quite current hardware is exceedingly cheap in the auction sites. AMX products from the 2010's are light years faster, prettier, and way more serviceable, with current support and software that runs on current operating systems - and likely to last many years longer. An investment of only a few hundred dollars (pounds) would replace everything and put you two generations newer and miles (km) ahead. The AXU will never do sliders, or respond quickly, or appeal graphically to users.

  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Harman Integrated Technologies Group (ITG) Posts: 407

    I agree with John that the best path forward is new hardware, but understand the budget is tight. If we are at a point of paying for a programmer to participate in the project, the real difference is going to be a few pounds for hardware. My suggestion is to reach out to members of our European Valued Independent Partner program for programming assistance. Considering the age of the gear, you will want to lead with that question - do you have experience with this older hardware - https://www.amx.com/en/vips?region=Europe

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