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TPControl Version Release Info

John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product ManagerPosts: 1,637
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TPControl folks have't been on the forums for a while, but a new representative will be signing up shortly.
Anthony Lee asked me to share the current state of releases as it impacts older Android.

First, TPC Version 2.9.0x was recently released on the Android store recently, and I found upon auto-updates that it bricked TPC on pre-V6 Androids AND scaled unusably on 6 through 10 Android OS. More recently, that same version number was re-released and is now safe for the newer (6-11) OS's and BLOCKED for installing on the older pre-6 versions.... so we're safe again.

TPC Support can link anyone to the prior version of the app as an APK for sideloading in the event that any of your customers got bit like I did. Note that the older version is fine for existing users, and was updated due to SDK requirements starting with Android 11. Contact them at their own web site for support.... www.touchpanelcontrol.com

I don't have any history of issues with the current Apple version.

Stay tuned to meet here Anthony shortly...


  • TPCAnthonyTPCAnthony Posts: 3
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    Thanks John.

    To elaborate further on this, when Android OS11 was released it broke scaling in TPControl devices running Android 11. We pushed out an update (v2.9.0.0) to address this issue but unfortunately the update affected scaling on devices with OS versions older than OS11. John was the first to report and find that some devices running Android OS6 and older would fail to start TPControl.

    We have since pushed out another release (v2.9.0.1) which has fixed the scaling issues across all devices and I have excluded any devices running OS6 and earlier from receiving the update.

    If you require the side-loadable build to install on older devices you can download it here: https://store.touchpanelcontrol.com/wp-content/uploads/resources/TPControl v2.7.1.0.apk

    For any TPControl related issues you can reach me via email at [email protected]

    I will also be keeping an eye on the forums here for any TPC related posts so feel free to ping me if you have any questions for us.

  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,637
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    Welcome, Anthony. Let me suggest a correction in your email address... pretty sure there is a missing L before the .com... too late to edit it. Maybe the forum moderators can change it...
    not [email protected]
    but [email protected]

  • TPCAnthonyTPCAnthony Posts: 3
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    Thanks John, good pickup! the email address is also missing an 'a' (keyboard sometimes decides it doesn't want to type characters, normally I notice but this one slipped through)

    The correct email is: [email protected]

  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,637


  • HARMAN_RobHARMAN_Rob Product Management Posts: 204

    @John Nagy @TPCAnthony I've corrected the email address in the post. Good eye.

  • TPCAnthonyTPCAnthony Posts: 3

    Thanks Rob!

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