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MT Series panel display issues

Good Morning,

We have several MT-702s that have been installed in the last year and several of them are starting to fail. The displayed graphics on the screen will shift and jump to the right, almost like a tearing effect. The left '1/4' of the screen seems to be unaffected. We have sent back several now for repair but it seems this might be an issue with all of them as they are failing 1 by 1. Any ideas on how to prevent? they are all running the latest 1.8.36 firmware from september of last year. Connecting via VNC works fine, so its something with the display itself .

Also something that was introduced in 1.8.25 firmware and is also present in 1.8.36 is a large shift down of letters when using a drop shadow. The shadow will show, but the font above the shadow will shift down a good 10 to 15 pixels.



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    HARMAN_RobHARMAN_Rob Posts: 230

    Interesting; sorry you're having this problem. I would definitely recommend a call to Tech Support, and include pictures of the issue(s) you're seeing, and potentially the UI file so that they can investigate.

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