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Best way to control NI-2100 externally (http/rest or serial?)


I moved to a house with an existing AMX system (I never heard of it before) consisting of the following hardware:
-AMX NI-2100 Controller
-AXB-REL8C+ AMX Relay Modules, controlling Lights and Blinds, connected via AxLink
-ARODIMM 4 AMX Dimmer Modules, controlling Lights, connected via AxLink
-Moxa Serial Gateway, reading inputs of external Siemens Alarm System, connected via LAN
-Moxa Norfolk (Serial Gateway?), to read input of Wall Buttons
-AMX Modero 12" TouchPanels

Right now the system is controlled via wall switches and the TouchPanels. I want to integrate Light & Blind Control and Security Sensor State into Apple HomeKit. Therefore I need to find out the best way to communicate bi-synchronously with the NI-2100 Controller. I can access to Webinterface of the Controller and I can see it in the NetLinx Studio Software.

To give me an indicator with what to start, can some expert tell me what the best (tradeoff between easiest to integrate and most reliable) way of controlling the NI-2100 is?

Is there a way to control it via HTTP or REST? Or do I have to do everything via Serial and adapt the existing Programming of the NI-2100?



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    The best way is to write a program that runs on the NI-2100. You can write all of it in NetLinx (with NetLinx Studio).
    The NI can do serial, TCP, UDP, IR, AXLink, relays and general i/o.
    I guess the best thing to do is to expand the existing program with a IP server that listens for external commands and use that as a gateway to the locally connected devices. As you program the server yourself, you can make it listen to anything you want.
    Would be a lot easier if you have the source of the current program and of course you need to learn how to do that in NetLinx.
    Just be aware that the hardware can be 15 years old and everything is out of support. There is an upgrade path to the current hardware that is not to difficult, so if you decide to invest time and/or money into it, you're not 'stuck'

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