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NI-3100 and desktouch MT-702 works only WITH laptop in network

kimbluemoonkimbluemoon Posts: 3
edited July 2021 in AMX Technical Discussion

having a strange problem with a AMX network containing a netlinx NI-3100 (with static IP) and a desktouch MT-702 (with static IP), connected to a POE switch (to power the desktouch). the system works only when a laptop (in standby or working) is connected to the network, when it's unplugged no button works on the desktouch . when the laptop is plugged in the latest command's (button pressed) are pushed to the NI-3100 and the system works.
does anyone had the same problem ?
anyone with a possible solution or a reason why the system blocks ?


  • richardhermanrichardherman not-so-junior member Posts: 325

    Impossible to tell... Is this a new setup or did it work before? Does the touchpanel connect to the Netlinx controller by URL (so probably the IP address) or any other means? What is the device number the program and the Touchpanel use to connect? If it's anything like 32000 (dynamic address) change it to something like 10001

  • @richardherman it worked before until there was a powerfailure and the system was restarted. the device number is 10001. the connection is made by URL/ip address ( netlinx, desktouch) and the 'master' is also visible at the desktouch settings (green icon at the top-right).

  • richardhermanrichardherman not-so-junior member Posts: 325

    Have you used another switch to test whether is switch specific? is this a 'dumb' switch or a managed one?
    Is the default gateway in one or the other accidentally set to the laptop's ip address?

  • @richardherman I've changed the switch also, it's not a managed switch. laptop was set on DHCP and also with fixed IP without a gateway filled in. same results there, when my laptop is plugged in the system works fine, without laptop it doesn't work.
    I was thinking a router may help ? in addition before there was an accesspoint in the network so they had remote access by ipad.

  • richardhermanrichardherman not-so-junior member Posts: 325

    No idea what's going on here. So if you remove your laptop from the network, does the touchpanel loose connection to the controller? That is, does the green icon change to red? Probably nothing to do with AMX specific, but some weird networking problem.
    Assuming you have both the layout (.TP5) and the source code (.AXS) for the controller, maybe just do a factory reset and start over? It's not that much work.

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