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XNConnect.ini file?

i recently acquired an old Autopatch Optima enclosure with two SD video cards. i want to set it up for use as a simple 16x16x2 matrix router for S-Video/C-Y signals but it seems like i can't do it without use of the XNConnect software as the two installed 16x16 routing matrix cards are not currently recognized by the CP-15 control panel. i can get XNConnect to connect to the device via ethernet and successfully get information from the device about the system, but neither of the I/O cards shows up in the software. i believe this is due to the lack of XNConnect.ini file which has information about all the Autopatch hardware. i have tried to get a copy of the latest version of this file but it does not seem to be available anywhere. searches here on the AMX/Harman site yield nothing and all links in all user manuals are dead. does anyone have a copy of the most recent (or even any) XNConnect.ini file?


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