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Mirage Autonomic Radio Favorites

Dear All,
I'm using the module for the Mirage Autonomic media server ( downloaded from http://autonomic.biz ).

In general it is playing as expected but the radio favorites have issues. Sometimes they start playing while others don't.
Telling the truth, radio favorites option is not a default one inside the module so we should make some code ( as per autonomic suggestion ) to make them appear.

But at the end of the day - randomly - the above issue appears when they are recalled.

Has anyone who has already used that module faced that problem ?



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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734

    If you refer to Internet Radio stations, they come and go randomly in reality. More of them than not will be offline more than occasionally. You can try the target URL for a missing station with a browser or VLC player and see if it is gone there too...

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    Exactly, I'm referring to Internet Radio stations... I don't think that the problem is a missing URL.
    While a station is not playing you can select another one or refresh the favorites list and then re select that station which usually now will play.
    This is absolutely random...

    This problem does not appear if you browse from RADIO category ( RADIO -> TuneIn ->........->Station ) but from the FAVORITES one ( FAVORITES -> Station )

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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734

    You might monitor the data commands and responses and look for a difference in how the URL is passed in those two paths.

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    They are absolutely different commands...
    The customer can save the favorites over the server web interface...

    The AMX module is able to dynamically request these favorites which are recognized with an ID ( favorite station ID ).
    At the end of the day AMX sends a command like "PlayFavorite [station ID]"
    But it does not always start playing....

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