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File transfer to NI-3100 failure


I am facing problem while transferring program files to the master NI3100.

First problem- I want to transfer only .tkn file and I have selected to do so in Quick load settings. But still it takes all other files like .jar, .mf,.src, etc .

Second problem- transfer gets cancelled automatically for first file (.jar here) and then fails for other files. It only succeed for .src file.

Please guide if anyone has faced similar problem ever.
Thanks in advance


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    Pls find below File transfer Status for more clarity:

    Send Cancelled 2000 of 119864 0:1:0 CoolAutomation_CoolMasterNET_Comm_dr1_0_0.jar
    Send Failed 0 of 0 0:1:0 devicesdkrt.jar
    Send Failed 0 of 572 0:1:0 Master v5.mf
    Send Failed 0 of 366052 0:1:0 Polycom_RealPresence300_Comm_dr1_0_0.jar
    Send Failed 0 of 420756 0:1:0 PROG.tkn
    Send Failed 0 of 613499 0:1:0 snapirouter.jar
    Send Complete 246 of 246 0:1:0 empty.src

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    Right click on the tkn file in the file select dialog and select options - you can stop jar files there.
    At this point I'm guessing you will have to transfer the jar files as once a full transfer has been initiated any previously loaded jars on the system have been purged.

    What f/w is on that NI3100?

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    Thanks for the input in removing jar files. It worked for me. And yeah, i hav done full transfer several times and jar files r loaded to system.

    NI300 firmware is master - v4.1.419 and device - v1.30.8

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    kishormohiitekishormohiite Posts: 18
    edited July 2021

    But files arent still getting transmitted to NI3100.. it shows failed again.

    Send Cancelled 2000 of 420756 0:1:0 PROG.tkn
    Send Failed 0 of 246 0:1:0 empty.src

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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734

    Do a full CLEAN DISK on the NI and try again.

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    Thanks John,- But I believe Cleaning disk will halt the operation completely for some time. Which isn't acceptable since system is in use by client. I am just an modifying for an addition of device to existing program. I hope it should not create any other problem.

    Any other suggestion other than CLEAN DISK on this will be appreciated. please suggest.

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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734

    Um. CLEAN DISK takes 10 seconds or less, executed from telnet. Then the Netlinx is empty, and reloading the program (which you have been trying to do repeatedly) takes another minute.

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