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Security Panels

rolorolo Junior MemberPosts: 51
What security panels do you guys like?

I have been using HAI and they cost a furtune for being just used as security system. I dont use the contact closures, x-10, or any of the features that make it an "automation controller".

I am looking for a security panel that is serial or IP communicable, is reasonably inexpensve (the least important requirement), and has good ol' ascii protocol instead of some kind of crazy binary or something....

What do you guys like?



  • John GonzalesJohn Gonzales Junior Member Posts: 609
    GE Networx

    The NX8e is a nice piece. It has serial communications and you can field select between ascii and binary for the protocol. The NX8E should be less expensive than a comparably outfitted Omni LT, and much less than the Omni II. The ITI Navigator is also a nice piece. GE is the parent company for both pieces. The serial protocols should be the same for both. Reliability and build quality are excellent on both units as well. There is some setup configuration required on the alarm panel to get them to communicate properly with a Netlinx Controller. There's an InConcert module available and the setup config for the panel should be documented in the Module Interface specs.
    BTW, NX8E handles 8 partitions, 192 zones; the ITI Navigator handles 8 partitions, 250 zones.

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