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AMX NI-700, MVP-8400 & Logitech Media Server

I have a NI-700 and a MVP-8400 that was working with Logitech Media Server that is running on a Windows 2008 server. The touch panel and the Netlinx files came from this site: https://sourceforge.net/projects/netlinx-modules/files/

The port for the Logitech CLI is 9090. Everything was working until 2 months ago. Nothing has changed on my internal network and I can't figure out what is broken. I also used a NI-3000 and a NXV-300 in place of the NI-700 and the MVP-8400 but with no success.

I even tried using a wireless router that I have lying around and put the NI and the server on it (I made a 172.xx.xx.xx network), no luck there.

Thanks for all and any assistance.



  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,627

    You don't say anything specific about what parts are and are not working.
    Is the media server working with its local controls?

  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Harman Integrated Technologies Group (ITG) Posts: 397

    Out of curiosity - what is the system time on your NI controller? Considering the age of the unit, there is a chance the internal button battery has failed and you lost power and the clock is no longer matched to the server time.

    The include file documents a debug feature and the comments suggest it can be verbose. while it does not show the command to send to the virtual device, there is a function that can be called and you can pass in the level of info you want
    Note on logging levels:
    // "Debug" is VERY verbose ...
    // "Info" logs all responses from SlimServer module
    // "Notice" and higher notes unusual exceptions only
    // See Syslog module for further details on logging levels

  • John, thanks for the response. What isn't working is the touch panel functions. For example, when I press the "Select Songs" button, I'm not seeing the lists (albums, artists, genres,etc). The web GUI is working of the Logitech Media Server (LMS) :smile: and I hear audio from the USB soundcard to my audio video receiver.

    HARMAN_Chris, the system time is correct on the NI-700. What I'm not sure about is whether or not the NI can see the CLI port of 9090. Since this is my home network and the LMS is running on a server OS, I know that the port is open because it was working 2 months ago.

    Thank you, Donald

  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,627
    edited August 26

    Again, for clarity - is there ANY evidence of communication by the AMX system with the server? Do PLAY or PAUSE work, or anything, or just no on-panel feedback? If -anything- is passing successfully, the port is open and the protocol is passing.

    I'd research the server end... you KNOW your AMX bits have not changed. If your network is also OK, it's possible that the cloud support for Slimserver/Logitech/Squeezebox has ended or changed. I see there was a new recent release of the server software:
    Stable release: 8.2.0 / August 3, 2021
    This may not bode well for pre-existing AMX modules. Or it is something else entirely. Hard to tell without examining the server logs when AMX tries to talk, and AMX diagnostics when it tries to talk to the server.

  • Update:
    I downgraded LMS to 7.7.3 from 8.2.0 and I received no response on the touch panel (no play, pause, or Power). I ran the "netstat -an" on the server and it showed me that it's listening on ports 9000 (Web) and 9090 (CLI).

    Next, I downgraded to LMS version 7.7.0, reloaded the original AMX NI file & the touch panel files from the web site mentioned above and I have no response from the touch panel.


  • If by chance, can someone test out the LMS program, see if it works on their system and then maybe we can compare notes?

    Thank you, Donald

  • Update and another question:

    The update is that I was able to get the touch panel working with LMS, the system number was wrong in Netlinx.

    Here's the question and forgive me if its' been answered before but I have an album with special characters named
    107° In The Shade but on the panel it shows up saying ' 107 In The Shade' ( with no degree sign) or the album Ōbōn shows as ÅŒbÅ=n.

    How can I make the panel show the special characters?

    Thank you, Donald

  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,627
    edited October 12

    Curious and worrisome that the system number in the Netlinx would change spontaneously after working fine... as your initial post suggests!!

    Review the font you selected for the touch panel design. Many are not complete for symbols. You can see the character map in TP Design, and test text for character rendition. This is a likely cause, and one you can correct with choosing a different display font for the text fields affected. Other causes may include inappropriate escape sequences or omissions in the text as it comes from the LMS. You may be able to see the actual sent text in telnet or in you input routines.

  • Hello,
    I tried changing the font, but no avail. However, I was able to see that the album Ōbōn showed as the album

    Line 316 2021-10-15 (21:46:22):: Command To [10005:9:1]-[!T$91$C5$8Cb$C5$8Dn ] in Netlinx Studio

    Thanks, Donald

  • richardhermanrichardherman not-so-junior member Posts: 310

    That looks like UTF-8 encoding. ($C5$8Cb$C5$8Dn = $C5 $8C $62 $C5 $8D $6E = Ōbōn) . Not so sure about the first 3 bytes. If it IS UTF-8, you can't send that to a panel as is. You have to use WC_TP_ENCODE for that.
    Before you can do much with Unicode in your AMX program, there are steps to take, like enabling editor and compiler options and including the Unicode library. The NetLinx instruction manual has a chapter about working with Unicode.

    Good luck

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